David faced a terrifying ordeal when his wife awoke in the middle of the night to the sound of intruders in their house. The couple approached the top of the stairs to see three masked men in their hallway. The men demanded the keys to David's car and threatened to harm the family if he didn’t hand them over. By this point, the couple’s young child had woken up and was hiding under her bed.

The thieves stole two mobile phones and disconnected the phone line to prevent the family from calling the police. Yacoub Saleh, one of our claims investigators, was assigned to the case. Following the incident, David was naturally traumatised and so took time off work. He requested that Yacoub didn’t visit the family home when his wife and daughter were around as he didn’t want them to relive the event.  Consequently, Yacoub arranged a date and time that suited the family’s needs.

Yacoub said:

“During that first visit, I asked David to describe any personal possessions left in the vehicle. Alongside a dog bed, a jacket and other small items, he mentioned that his daughter had told the police about her mint Tic Tacs. We both laughed at this and commented how children often think of items that appear to have no significance.

Having left the insured’s property feeling helpless and upset by the events that affected this small family, I went to the shops and bought some air fresheners for David's replacement car, a dog mug and packet of Tic Tacs for his daughter. When I returned with the gifts, I explained that the events had hit me personally as the father of a young daughter.”

David, wrote to us stating;

“Today I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with one of your Claims Investigators, Yacoub Saleh, following the theft of my company car. Yacoub was extremely courteous and professional. We discussed the break-in that my family and I experienced and the repercussions since. Yacoub’s genuine empathy with the situation was quite unexpected. I always imagined insurance to be a pretty unemotional vocation! The break-in was traumatic, and being reminded that there are some decent people in the world helps the recovery!

What caused me to write to you, however, was when Yacoub returned to our house a short time later, he brought us gifts. To say I’m touched is an understatement. I’m not usually a very emotional person but I’m truly grateful to Yacoub today, he is a credit to your business, and my family and I thank him.”

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