What you pay when you claim

If you make a claim on your insurance, you need to pay for each claim. The amount you pay is called the excess. So, if your excess is £200, you would pay the first £200 for every claim you make.

If you're claiming for something that wasn't your fault, you'll still need to pay your excess. But we'll do our best to get it back from the insurance company of the person who caused the accident or damage.

There are two types of excess – compulsory and voluntary. Depending what you pay, you could save on your monthly payments.

Compulsory excess – what you need to pay

We set this amount, and it's what you'll always pay whenever you claim. For car insurance it's usually £150 and for windscreen replacement it’s £75.

Voluntary excess – what you choose to pay

When you buy your cover, you can choose to pay a bit more when you claim – on top of the amount we set. You can pay up to £750 extra.

If you’re happy to pay a bit extra if you claim, it'll bring the cost of your insurance down. The higher your excess, the lower your monthly or yearly payments.

Car insurance excess

Our normal compulsory excess for car insurance claims is £150. But it can be higher – up to £1,000. This is usually if you have a high-performance car or if your car's worth a lot of money. For fire, theft or deliberate damage, we’ll only deduct the compulsory excess – you won’t have to pay the voluntary.

Windscreens and glass

Our windscreen excess works a bit differently. If you need to get your windscreen repaired you won't pay anything. Just as long as you use Autoglass – our Allianz-approved repairer. If your windscreen needs replacing, you'll only pay £75. That also covers the cost of repairing the bodywork if it gets scratched by broken glass.

What you pay
Your car insurance excess Your compulsory excess Your voluntary excess What you'll pay per claim
If you make a standard car insurance claim £150 – £1,000 £0 –750 Your compulsory plus voluntary excess
If you make a fire, theft or deliberate damage claim £150 – £1,000 £0 Just your compulsory excess
For windscreen repairs with Autoglass £0 £0 Nothing
For windscreen replacement with Autoglass £75 £0 Just £75

For fire, theft or deliberate damage, you'll only pay your compulsory excess. You don't need to pay any voluntary.

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