Complete Directors & Officers

Our Complete Directors & Officers product gives you the peace of mind needed to make tough and complex business decisions without fear of repercussion. It is a management liability insurance product specifically designed to cover a wide range of businesses with a turnover of up to £200,000,000.

This product provides personal liability cover for company directors, officers and managers to protect them from claims that may arise from the decisions and actions taken within the scope of their regular duties.

It also covers the reimbursement of your company, in case it has to pay the claims of a third party.

Key Features of Complete Directors & Officers

  • Directors & Officers and Company Reimbursement – for civil or criminal proceedings relating to a wrongful act brought directly against its directors, cover up to £10,000,000 on an Any One Claim basis.
  • Non-Executive Director – cover up to £250,000.
  • Company Entity Liability – protecting the company from claims brought against it, up to £1,000,000 in the aggregate.
  • Reputational and Post Reputational Crisis Costs (PR spend) – up to £10,000 per circumstance, or £10,000 per insured person, where more than one insured person is named in the claim or circumstance.
  • Crisis Communication Consultant – briefing session available at no additional charge.
  • Management Buy-Outs – covered for wrongful acts committed for a period of 45 days after such buy-out.
  • Circumstance Investigation Costs – up to £25,000 in the aggregate.
  • Insolvency Hearing Costs – up to £25,000 in the aggregate.
  • Assets and Liberty Costs – covers any legal proceeding brought by any governmental, regulatory or judicial agency up to £25,000 in the aggregate. 
  • Court Attendance Costs – up to £10,000 in the aggregate.

Optional Covers

  • Commercial Crime – covers any losses following employee theft and third party fraud, together with cover for your insured's legal liability to their customer where their employee has stolen from that customer.
  • Company Entity Employment Practice Cover – covering the defence costs and damages resulting from claims for wrongful employment practices brought by past, present or prospective employees against an organisation.
  • Pension Trustee Liability – designed to cover the personal liabilities of Pension Trustees of a company's pension plan for claims brought by beneficiaries, regulatory authorities or other parties.

Additional Benefits

  • Efficient and experienced underwriting and claims service
  • Claims handled by a dedicated team of financial lines experts.

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