Ministry of Justice Reforms: Final ruling and implementation timetable

Posted on: 21 November 2013

This year the current Ministry of Justice (MoJ) Protocol for low value personal injury claims incurred through road traffic accidents (up to £10,000) will be extended to Employers' Liability (EL) and Public Liability (PL) claims, and the upper financial limit will increase to £25,000.

To facilitate the extension of the MoJ protocol, the RTA Portal will be rebranded as the Claims Portal and adapted to accommodate the new requirements.

The High Court has dismissed the judicial review brought against the government’s decision to cut RTA portal fees, and on March 8th, the Civil Procedure Rules Committee signed off the final rules and timetable for implementation of the reforms.

Please click here to download information on the timetable of the reforms, and how the changes impact you.