No business wants to find itself underinsured in the event of a loss, as this can lead to a temporary or even permanent halt in operations. Insurers and brokers can play a significant role in helping customers to mitigate the risk of underinsurance. Recognising the importance of this issue, we have put together some resources which contain some practical steps that can help address this risk
Underinsurance Podcast
Apr 13, 2021
Listen to our podcast, with Steph McGovern, to gain expert insight into what can be done to reduce the occurence of underinsurance.

When the worst happens, telling a client that they were underinsured is likely to be hard news to deliver.

We explain how brokers can help ensure that companies are adequately insured. Discussing underinsurance and its implications, our host - Steph McGovern - is joined by:

Helen Bryant, Director, Digital Trading, Allianz and Alastair Blundell​, Head of General Insurance, BIBA (British Insurance Brokers' Association)

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It is important for customers to have the correct sums insured so they are fully protected in the event of a loss or damage. The individual circumstances for each customer will vary; however, our guide covers most customer needs.
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