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Shaping tomorrow, together:
The Allianz Sports Fund

As the Worldwide Insurance Partner for the Olympic and Paralympic Movements, we understand the power of sport. In 2021, we pledged £100,000 to the Allianz Sports Fund and were able to help over 75 clubs deliver sports programmes in their communities in the face of the challenges that the pandemic brought.

And this year, as the 2022 Winter Paralympic games gets underway, another £100,000 is available to sports clubs. This time, we are taking the opportunity to help support clubs who have, or would like to have, programmes which focus on diversity and inclusivity.

As an Allianz broker partner, you have the unique opportunity to help a sports club which is close to your heart. Applications should only come from clubs which have been nominated by one of our broker partners and that take part in an Olympic or Paralympic sport. So help your local club today by letting them know about the Allianz Sports Fund and enable them to apply.

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sotckport school of gymnastics
Who can apply?

Any sports club that:

  • takes part in an Olympic or Paralympic sport - view list
  • has been nominated by a broker partner of Allianz Insurance plc*
  • is registered with their National Governing Body - view list
  • has an official bank account registered in the club's name

You will need to satisfy all four requirements in order to be eligible to apply.

What type of funding can clubs apply for?

The Allianz Sports Fund has been developed to help sports clubs meet their obligations and continue to provide opportunities within their local community.  This may include, but not limited to: 
  • Cost of changes to service or facilities due to COVID-19
  • Facility Hire i.e. block bookings.
  • Rent/lease payments
  • Heat
  • Light
  • Utilities
  • Water Rates
  • Grounds/facility maintenance (to maintain a state of readiness)
  • Sport’s Governing Body membership fees 
  • Clubs league affiliation fees. 

Club Fees: Club membership fees. A club could partially reduce fees for all club members or pay entirely for members of the club who are at financial hardship. This should be allocated discreetly by the club themselves.

Sports Travel: Travel costs towards participating in matches/events.

Playing Kit: Playing kit. A club could partially reduce the cost of kit for all club members or pay entirely for members of the club who are at financial hardship. This again should be allocated discreetly by the club themselves.


This is not an exhaustive list and the Allianz Sports Fund will consider other ways to utilise the funds, which we ask that clubs specify on the application form.

What isn’t eligible for funding?

This fund is designed to help grassroots sports clubs. This means we're not able to help the following organisations:

  • Local authorities, including town and parish councils 
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Commercial sport and physical activity providers, e.g. private gyms 
  • Leisure operators
  • Individuals who are either employed or self-employed within the sport and physical activity sector.

Applications will only be accepted from clubs who have been nominated by one of our broker partners.

We know there may be more than one club close to your heart. That’s okay, as there is no limit to the number of clubs you can put forward. Don’t forget to make sure your broker company is happy to be associated with the club you’re putting forward, as any communications will include their name if they are successfully awarded funds.

We will make sure that the grants are evenly distributed across different regions of the UK and that all of our brokers are fairly represented in the grant award process. So if your company nominates lots of sports clubs then only a proportion of them will be selected for the panel stage. 

To nominate a club, you’ll simply need to direct a club representative to the Allianz Sports Fund Hub and provide them with the necessary information to link their application form to you and your company. To do this, they will need to provide this information:

  • Your name 
  • Company Name
  • Your email address
  • Association between you and the club
Once you've spoken to the club you wish to nominate, use the button below to email them with directions to the Allianz Sports Fund Club Hub. This is where they will find all the information they need to complete their application form. 

Please remember that there are criteria the club need to meet in order to be eligible to apply, so please check these first before referring the club.
This promotional material is intended for insurance broker use only and no-one else should rely upon it.
It must not be made available to anyone other than the intended recipient, either in its original form or any reproduction.

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Sport Northern Ireland Scotland England Wales UK/GB
ARCHERY* NI Archery Society Scottish Archery Association Archery Welsh Archery Association Archery GB
ATHLETICS* Athletics NI Scottish Athletics England Athletics Welsh Atheltics UK Athletics
BADMINTON* Ulster Branch Badminton Union of Ireland (I)  Badminton Scotland Badminton England Badminton Wales  
BASEBALL   British Baseball Federation  British Baseball Federation (working through Baseball Softball UK) Welsh Baseball Union British Baseball Federation
BASKETBALL* Basketball NI (I)  Basketball Scotland Basketball England Basketball Wales British Basketball Federation
BOCCIA Boccia UK Scotland Disability Sport Boccia England Boccia UK Boccia UK
BOXING Ulster Provincial Boxing Council (I) Boxing Scotland England Boxing Welsh Boxing GB Boxing
CANOEING* Canoe Association of NI Scottish Canoe Association British Canoeing Canoe Wales British Canoeing
CYCLING* Cycling Ulster (I) Scottish Cycling British Cycling Welsh Cycling British Cycling
EQUESTRIAN* Horse Sport Ireland (I) Horse Scotland British Equestrian Federation British Equestrian Federation British Equestrian Federation
FENCING* NI Fencing Ltd  Scottish Fencing British Fencing Welsh Fencing British Fencing
FOOTBALL* Irish Football Association  Scottish Football Association The Football Association Football Association of Wales  
GOALBALL Goalball UK Goalball UK Goalball UK Goalball UK Goalball UK
GOLF* Ulster Branch Irish Golfing Union (I) Irish Ladies Golf Union Ulster District  Scottish Golf England Golf Wales Golf Ladies Golf Union
GYMNASTICS* Gymnastics NI Scottish Gymnastics British Gymnastics Welsh Gymnastics British Gymnastics
HANDBALL Irish Olympic Handball Association  Scottish Handball Association England Handball British Handball Association British Handball Association
HOCKEY  Ulster Hockey (I)  Scottish Hockey Union England Hockey Hockey Wales  
JUDO* NI Judo Federation  Judo Scotland British Judo Association Welsh Judo Association British Judo Association
KARATE NI Karate Board  Scottish Karate Federation   Welsh Karate Governing Body British Karate Federation
MODERN PENTATHLON   Pentathlon Scotland  Pentathlon GB Pentathlon GB Pentathlon GB
ROWING* Rowing Ireland Ulster Branch (I)  Scottish Rowing British Rowing Welsh Rowing British Rowing
RUGBY UNION Ulster Branch Irish Rugby Football Union (I)  Scottish Rugby Union Rugby Football Union Welsh Rugby Union  
RUBGY LEAGUE Rugby League Ireland  Scotland Rugby League Rugby Football League Wales Rugby League Rugby Football League
SAILING* Royal Yachting Association NI  Royal Yachting Association Scotland Royal Yachting Association Scotland RYA Cymru Wales Royal Yachting Association Scotland
SHOOTING*   Scottish Target Shooting English Target Shooting Federation Welsh Target Shooting Federation British Shooting
SKATEBOARDING   Skateboard Scotland Skateboard England Skateboard England Skateboard GB 
SKIING Snowsports Association of Ireland Snowsports Scotland Snowsports England Snowsports Wales  
SPORT CLIMBING         British Mountaineering council
SURFING Irish Surfing Association (I) Scottish Surfing Federation Surfing England Welsh Surfing Federation  
(Swimming & Diving - Disciplines)
Swim Ulster (I) Scottish Swimming Swim England Swim Wales British Swimming
British Long Distance Swimming Association
TABLE TENNIS* Ulster Branch Irish Table Tennis Association (I)  Table Tennis Scotland Table Tennis England Table Tennis Wales  
TAEKWONDO Taekwondo Association of NI  Scottish Council of Taekwondo British Taekwondo Council British Taekwondo Council British Taekwondo Council
TENNIS* Ulster Branch Tennis Ireland (I)  Tennis Scotland Lawn Tennis Association Tennis Wales Lawn Tennis Association
TRIATHLON Triathlon Ulster (I)  Triathlon Scotland British Triathlon British Triathlon British Triathlon
VOLLEYBALL* NI Volleyball Association  Scottish Volleyball Association Volleyball England Volleyball Wales British Volleyball Federation
WEIGHTLIFTING* British Weightlifting    British Weightlifting  British Weightlifting  British Weightlifting 
WHEELCHAIR BASKETBALL British Wheelchair Basketball British Wheelchair Basketball British Wheelchair Basketball British Wheelchair Basketball British Wheelchair Basketball
WHEELCHAIR RUGBY   Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby
*disability sport is governed by the same National Governing Body. 
* Broker must have an account with Allianz Insurance plc.