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The Allianz Sports Fund

Club Hub

As the Worldwide Insurance Partner for the Olympic and Paralympic Movements, we understand the power of sport - but we know the pandemic has impacted heavily on the finances of local clubs. So, we have pledged £100,000 to the Allianz Sports Fund in 2021 so we can offer financial support in the form of grants between £500-£3,000 for community sports clubs who need it most.
Who can apply?

Any sports club that:

  • has been nominated by a broker partner of Allianz Insurance plc*
  • takes part in an Olympic or Paralympic sport* - view list
  • is registered with their National Governing Body - view list
  • has an official bank account registered in the club's name
You will need to satisfy all four requirements in order to be eligible to apply.
What type of funding can clubs apply for?

The Allianz Sports Fund has been developed to help sports clubs meet their obligations and continue to provide opportunities within their local community.  This may include, but not limited to:
  • Cost of changes to service or facilities due to COVID-19
  • Facility Hire i.e. block bookings.
  • Rent/lease payments
  • Heat
  • Light
  • Utilities
  • Water Rates
  • Grounds/facility maintenance (to maintain a state of readiness)
  • Sport’s Governing Body membership fees 
  • Clubs league affiliation fees. 

Club Fees: Club membership fees. A club could partially reduce fees for all club members or pay entirely for members of the club who are at financial hardship. This should be allocated discreetly by the club themselves.

Sports Travel: Travel costs towards participating in matches/events.

Playing Kit: Playing kit. A club could partially reduce the cost of kit for all club members or pay entirely for members of the club who are at financial hardship. This again should be allocated discreetly by the club themselves.


This is not an exhaustive list and the Allianz Sports Fund will consider other ways to utilise the funds, which we ask that you specify on the application form.
  • Club to complete Allianz Sports Fund application form.
  • Completed club application forms will be assessed at a panel in June 2021.

The Allianz Sports Fund review panel will be looking for information on the areas noted below:

  • About the Broker who nominated – broker name, company, email address, association between clubs and broker.
  • About your club – name of club, sport, details of beneficiaries. 
  • Eligibility – registered to National Governing Body, club bank account.
  • Funding Requirements – what the club is applying for and whether the club has received funding previously.
  • Impact – why funds are required, how they will be used, difference it will make to club members.  

Applications open: Monday 15 March 2021

Deadline for applications: Friday 28 May 2021  

Panel Review:  Monday 14 June 2021

Applicants notified: by Friday 25 June 2021

All completed application forms by eligible clubs will be taken to a panel review, which will allocate £50,000 worth of grants. The panel will consist of Allianz employees and members of Team GB and Paralympics GB.

What happens next? Once the application window is closed: 

  • Application sift: We’ll review all applications received and ensure they meet the eligibility criteria previously specified. 
  • Panel Review: The clubs that pass the initial application sift will then have their application assessed by the review panel. This is where the potential impact of us giving you funding will be judged and decisions will be made.
  • Issue funds and terms: Clubs which are selected during the panel review will be notified via email in July. This email will include:
    - Funding amount – how much funding the Allianz Sports Fund can provide (this might be different from the amount you originally applied for)
    - Reminder of what funding should be used for
    - Certificate of Funding – A certificate for you to display in your club.
    - Request for photos or testimonials from the club to show the impact of the grant which can be used for PR purposes.

We only have £50,000 of funds available for each cycle and although we’d like to, we can’t fund everything, including some really worthy sports clubs. If we can’t fund your request, you will be notified.

Due to the number of applications we receive, we can’t give feedback on an individual basis. 

* Broker must have an account with Allianz Insurance plc.