Employers' Liability Tracing Office (ELTO)

The Employers' Liability Tracing Office (ELTO) is an independent industry body. Its voluntary members comprise of Insurers who provide Employers' Liability insurance.
ELTO have created a central repository, the Employers' Liability Database (ELD) to store information for claims tracing searches.

The ELTO data submission form is designed for you to be able to provide us with information for onward transmission to the ELD. In rare circumstances you may have an Insured company or individual subsidiary with multiple Employers’ Reference Numbers (ERN) (also known as PAYE reference).

If applicable, please contact your Allianz branch to provide this information, as the following data submission form will only accept one ERN (PAYE reference) for each Insured company or individual subsidiary.

The ELD will be accessible for claimant data searches and will be used to trace EL policies via

ELTO DATA Submission form
Please contact your local Allianz branch should you require assistance with completion of the ELTO data submission form.

Further information on submitting ELTO data can be obtained by contacting your Allianz business developer. 

Additional questions regarding ELTO may also be answered by the following documents:

Please be aware that some of these documents were produced some time ago and contain some specific date and numerical related information which may now be out of date. However they remain linked here to provide valuable background information particularly explaining what data is needed and why.
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