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Green Card for travel in the
European Economic Area (EEA)

The European Commission has confirmed that Green Cards will no longer be required for UK motorists driving in the EEA from 2 August 2021. Given that the changes may take a while to become familiar to the relevant EEA authorities,  brokers can continue to request Green Cards for their customers for the time being using our online request form.
Green Card requests

Complete our online form to request a Green Card for a customer driving in the EEA.

The form is to be completed by brokers only, on the behalf of their customers who are Allianz Insurance plc policyholders. It's is only suitable to arrange the issue of Green Cards for travel in EEA countries and periods within the policy start and end dates.

You can order an EEA Green Card for your clients using our online request form.

We recommend that customers driving within the EEA also carry a European Accident Statement form. This document should be completed in the event of a road traffic incident involving a third party vehicle to provide an 'agreed statement of facts':
Green Card FAQs
If you cannot find the answer to your question below; please contact your local Allianz branch who will be happy to help you.
The Green Card issued from Allianz will provide cover in the countries set out in the territorial limits of the policy wording. Essentially, this will (usually) be EEA countries, plus Andorra, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Switzerland.

We will not charge for Green Cards providing your client is driving within the territorial limits of their policy.

If your client is driving in any country outside the EEA and/or the territorial limits set within their policy, you’ll need to contact your local Allianz branch.


A Green Card only provides evidence that the minimum third- party cover is in place for the countries listed under "Territorial Validity" on the Green Card.

When driving outside of the UK the insurance will mirror the cover specified in the policy schedule and policy wording (and not on the Green Card).

No, it must be a physical document, printed using black ink on either green or ordinary white A4 paper. For travel from 1st July onwards, the document can be printed on white paper. The green paper versions will however remain valid until 30 June 2022.

Yes, you just need to select the email delivery option in the online Green Card request form.

It’s important to note that the Green Card must be printed. For travel from 1st July onwards, the document can be printed on ordinary white paper using black ink. (Single or double-sided printing will be acceptable).  Green paper versions will remain valid until 30 June 2022.

Yes. We understand that some of our customers may be making various trips to EEA countries during the course of their policy year and, rather than request a Green Card for each journey, would prefer to obtain an annual Green Card for convenience purposes. This requirement can be facilitated via the online request form, and the registration number of the vehicle being driven abroad needs to be specified on the form.

Please also note that Allianz Motor Fleet and Motor Trade policies run from noon (12.00hrs) until noon (12.00hrs) so, for example, a policy incepting on 01/01/2021 will expire at noon (12.00hrs) on 01/01/2022 rather than 23.59hrs on 31/12/20. If you are completing a request for a customer wishing for a Green Card to run to the end of their policy year, the renewal date should be entered as 01/01/2022 in this example.

The MIB and their European counterparts are considering alternatives to paper Green Cards. Until there is greater clarity on the long-term solution, we feel the best solution is issuing Green Cards when the insured knows they’ll be travelling abroad.

Please provide at least five days’ notice for Green Card requests.

Any request with less than five days’ notice may still be fulfilled, providing we can email the Green Card to either yourself or directly to your client.

It’s important to note that the Green Card must be printed to ensure that a physical copy can be presented to foreign law enforcement if requested.

If your client requires an urgent Green Card please contact your local branch directly.

Any trailer or caravan being towed must have its own Green Card. 

The DVLA is introducing changes which will mean that certain trailers will need to be registered with the DVLA before they are taken aboard.

Read about these changes on the gov.uk website.

Upon registration the DVLA and will assign the trailer with a registration number, this will be used on the trailer’s Green Card.

If the trailer isn’t required to be registered with the DVLA, then the registration number of the towing vehicle can be used on the trailor’s Green Card (as well as on the Green Card for the towing vehicle).

Yes, though for Commercial Fleet and Motor Trade policies we will accept Any Licensed Driver being entered in the driver details field. However, the MIB advise that the absence of a specific driver’s name may cause a problem in the event of a driver being stopped whilst abroad and being unable to prove they are insured to drive.

In addition to the name and address of the policyholder, the names of all individuals who will be driving/may drive the vehicle abroad during the travel dates should ideally be stated on the Green Card where known.

When you complete our request form you will be asked for the names of all drivers. 

This will depend on whether the client is renewing their policy with us or moving their business elsewhere. Consequently, you need to contact your Allianz branch to discuss this scenario; you won’t be able to complete a Green Card request for the travel period via our online form.

Please contact us to discuss requirements.

Our online form can only be used to request a Green Card for driving in EEA countries (as well as Andorra, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Switzerland).

Common problems from early Green Card applications have been identified as follows:

  • policy number entered incorrectly
  • the policyholder’s name doesn’t match the one held on our records, as shown on the policy document
  • the policyholder’s address is different from the one stated on the policy document (please pay particular attention to accurate entry of the policyholder’s postcode).
The first box requires the unique Allianz code which we’ve supplied you with. Within the next two boxes you need to enter your Allianz account number (format example 10/12345).
You can order an EEA Green Card for your clients using our online request form.
This promotional material is intended for insurance broker use only and no-one else should rely upon it.
It must not be made available to anyone other than the intended recipient, either in its original form or any reproduction.