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Green Card for travel in the
European Economic Area (EEA)


From 1st July 2020 Green Cards can be printed in black and white on ordinary white paper. The Department for Transport (DfT) has agreed to adopt the change authorised by the Council of Bureaux for Green Cards issued from 1st July onwards to be printed on ordinary white paper. (Single or double-sided printing, using black ink, will be acceptable). The current green paper version can still be issued and remains valid until 30 June 2022.

Complete our online form to request a Green Card for a customer driving in the EEA.

The form is to be completed by brokers only, on the behalf of their customers who are Allianz Insurance plc policyholders. It's is only suitable to arrange the issue of Green Cards for travel in EEA countries and periods within the policy start and end dates.

You can order an EEA Green Card for your clients using our online request form.

We recommend that customers driving within the EEA also carry a European Accident Statement form. This document should be completed in the event of a road traffic incident involving a third party vehicle to provide an 'agreed statement of facts':
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You can order an EEA Green Card for your clients using our online request form.
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