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The inside scoop on IT at Allianz

“Technology is always changing and advancing, which means my job is never boring and I enjoy the challenges that each day brings. I love that I’m continually learning new techniques and looking for creative solutions – this is what makes a job in IT at Allianz so exciting.” - Trudi Machin, Front End Developer

“IT was something I always enjoyed while studying, however, IT at Allianz is much more exciting as you can see the benefits of something you have worked on and how it will help the business and the customer.” Gareth, IT Environment and Configuration Specialist

“My role challenges me to solve problems, come up with solutions and interact with every area of Allianz. The solutions I deliver directly impact the performance of Allianz, the everyday lives of the people that work here and, most importantly, the customers that we provide our excellent service for. The role also allows me to be creative and feel supported with my creativity.” - Ian Caddick, Solution Architect

“I enjoy helping to improve perceptions and user experience – no two days are the same!” - Emily Phillips, IT Service Management Specialist

“The biggest difference I’ve noticed at Allianz compared to other companies is that Allianz provides support for training and development, helping people progress. Opportunity is part of what makes Allianz a great place to work. If you are thinking of joining Allianz then opportunity is wholeheartedly part of the make-up of the company.” - Martin Harrison, Senior Enterprise Architect

“Allianz has always given me the opportunities to progress not only within the company, but my learning and development. Here, it's greatly encouraged to get on courses that will help you develop.” - Gareth, IT Environment and Configuration Specialist

“Allianz invests a great deal of time into the health and wellbeing of its employees, offering support for working parents, understanding the value of family and providing a fair work/life balance.” - Emily Phillips – IT Service Management Specialist

“I love working for Allianz. I love the people I work with, the work that I do and the opportunities that are afforded to me. I joined Allianz 14 years ago as an Administrator in the post room. I’m now a Solution Architect within the Strategy and Architecture team. This for me highlights one of the greatest strengths of working at Allianz, that they recognise your skills and provide opportunities to advance your career.” - Ian Caddick, Solution Architect

“If you have the can-do attitude and a passion for IT then you will definitely enjoy working here.” - Gareth, IT Environment and Configuration Specialist

“To succeed you must be hard working, collaborative and open minded. If you’re looking to join Allianz’ IT team, my best advice would be just do it - you won’t regret it.” - Emily Phillips, IT Service Management Specialist

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