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Global opportunities for go-getting IT professionals

Everyone is looking to digitise. But what makes Allianz’s business and global IT strategy different is that we want to leverage scale. We’re looking at standardising on a global level. That means not only putting in place digital platforms, but ultimately, we want to run on a consolidated master IT platform that all geographies work from.
Our goal? We want to be the best; the number one insurer in the UK - in scale, customer feedback, and employee satisfaction. Our technology functions are pivotal to the delivery of our business strategy and enabling us to achieve our ambitions. We have to be excellent in the execution of all aspects of technology delivery – be that run, or change. We must ensure that our technology enables our business, our colleagues, our customers and our partners – and that can only be achieved with the right people. It’s their expertise, hard work and commitment that drives our success and continually enables our business to transform.
In the next 3-5 years, we’ll move to a much more digital trading environment. We’re on a journey to digitalisation and a cloud-enabled estate – updating older systems to ensure they’re flexible so that we can operate much quicker. We also want to work in a controlled manner - keeping an eye on risks, moving into a different environment where operationally, resilience is key - in line with our regulator. And as we move to a hybrid way of working, we need to make sure that our colleagues have the right tools, technology and kit to ensure they can continue to work effectively. The prospect of hybrid working is really exciting for everyone who works at Allianz and there’s a big focus on making sure it lands effectively. It’s down to our IT team to enable it.
Our primary focus is to deliver a fit for purpose, stable and reliable IT service to our customers - both internal and external. We care for tomorrow by ensuring that our IT systems run smoothly, so our business can operate as expected. We are forward thinking and constantly looking at how we can improve and innovate our IT estate.
We need to make sure we’re creating an environment where our IT colleagues can grow, evolve and develop, while keeping abreast of new technologies. We want people to have a really fulfilling time at Allianz - with opportunities to grow and develop throughout. People’s career paths in technology can follow a meandering path depending on what they want to do – they can move between IT, Change, Data – wherever they want to go. And because Allianz is genuinely a global operation, once you’ve got your feet under the table, there are opportunities for you to go global and work in different areas of our business, all around the world.
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