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Get to know our IT teams

Delivering digital solutions that make a real difference to our customers and colleagues is a tremendously exciting and challenging thing to be involved in. And working in a company that recognises the importance that technology plays in all our lives means that we’re always encouraged and challenged to find new ways of enhancing the customer experience using digital services. In the UK, we were among the first part of the group to adopt Cloud and fully embrace DevOps methods of continuous delivery. We’re already making extensive use of robotics to simplify internal processes, and exploring how Artificial Intelligence will allow us to continually transform the way we work. 
It’s fantastically interesting to work with all areas of the organisation and to help the business experts realise their ambitions. The diversity of the work we do is what keeps it exciting. One minute we might be discussing the strategic impact of a large programme. Next, we’re having a conversation about the best approach to solving a detailed technical problem.
We sit between IT and our business colleagues - and the day to day work we perform has a direct impact on our business colleagues’ IT experience. If we do something well you see an instant positive reaction from our colleagues who serve our customers. Likewise, we soon know when something isn’t operating well! Receiving such instant feedback is great for keeping interest high and of course knowing which parts of our IT Delivery we need to improve on.
Infrastructure is always looking to ensure the technology estate is stable and secure and fit for purpose. Recently, we’ve been focussing on improving the stability and usability of the desktop environment, supporting IT and our business to ensure our users can work remotely and have the collaboration and communication tools to do so.
The IT Strategy and Architecture team helps the organisation realise its ambitions by ensuring we are correctly balancing strategic and tactical requirements. We play a key role in supporting the objectives of simplification and transformation, by modelling change to the application landscape over time and reporting on progress through to our stakeholders.
As a group of individuals we all really care about our customers, so if for example we’ve a problem with one of our systems, we’ll all rally round to help resolve it. We love finding new and exciting ways to solve problems and share our ideas in regular forums.
Our customers! Having a common ‘Service Excellence’ goal really unites the team and pulls everyone together.
Common interest brings us together and each team member is helpful and inclusive. We work well together and everyone gets involved. The team members really care for each other and help each other out when required.
A passion for improving the IT environment and service for our customers is essential. Collaboration skills are also key as we work together to solve problems and deliver a seamless infrastructure environment.
We look for collaborative people who love finding solutions to difficult problems.
Communication is a vital skill as teamwork is critical to us achieving our goals - it’s how we get stuff done. If you’re a team player, you’ll love it here!
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