Break into the Information Security industry

"Analytical and people skills are a must. A big part of our role involves investigating situations; finding out why that situation happened, how can we stop it escalating and what do we need to do to stop it from happening again. We then have to explain it in simple terms to other teams, so they can mitigate the risk in future."
"I think the most important attribute to succeed in Information Security is curiosity. A big part of protecting people and data is looking at new attack methods and malware strains and learning how they work - that’s how we make sure that our environment is protected against those methods."
"Key attributes needed to succeed in Information Security are fantastic stakeholder engagement and communication skills. Having the ability to turn technical details into  terms other teams will understand is vital. Additionally, you need to be a team player who collaborates with your colleagues in the Information Security team and across the wider business. We must ensure that all employees feel confident to seek our help and are comfortable to engage with us throughout all touchpoints."
"The main thing we look for in our people is strong stakeholder engagement skills. We need technical people, but they need to be able to translate technical language into laymen’s terms otherwise they’re not able to provide value to the business. I want people to tell me the ‘so what’. What does it mean from a business perspective?"
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