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Nimra Imran

Nimra Imran - Graduate

I'm currently a second year Technical Claims Graduate. I joined Allianz in September 2019, and worked with Engineering, Construction and Power in my first placement. 

My current placement is with the Commercial Property Major Loss Team, focusing on claims significant in both value and severity. Working in an operational capacity I am part of a team which assesses and examines operational and technical processes, from suppliers to training and development, and how we can improve on those areas to further increase efficiency.

A normal day in my role usually involves meetings and projects as the work I am currently doing is highly collaborative, with teams from across the business. I also do a lot of work in data analysis as it helps us identify trends and show the bigger picture for what’s happening in each area.
Alongside this I make sure to take some time out each week to work on wider activities, for example, this year I worked as head of Learning and Development on the Graduate Committee. 
I knew Allianz were renowned globally for their outlook on innovation and their inspiring culture of diversity and inclusion. I wanted to apply to work at Allianz as they offer incredible support to their staff, opportunities for development and growth tailored to your own goals and a chance to be a part of real change. Working for such an organisation has allowed me to not only develop my career, but who I am as a person and how I can give back to the community, especially in such challenging times. 
The most surprising thing since starting at Allianz was the way in which we adapted to working from home during lockdown this year in such a short space of time. The whole business was up and running from staff homes within a matter of days, with the same IT resources and equipment available that we had in the office. The ability to adapt to change quickly and efficiently is what helps perform well in unpredictable situations and I was impressed with the way in which Allianz approached this. 

I found Allianz’s application process to be really seamless, friendly and enjoyable. It consisted of online applications, a video interview and an assessment centre. 

I enjoyed the assessment centre the most as it gave me a chance to meet other people from different backgrounds and it was my first detailed look into the business, their culture and the people I would be working with. 

Allianz offers numerous opportunities to be involved in projects outside of your role, and I was lucky enough to work with a great team raising money for Mind Charity in my first year, alongside helping out on the graduate committee team, and my favourite: bake sales in the office for charity!
The most interesting part about the insurance industry is the ever-changing manner in which it responds to current events happening around the world, largely helped by a focus on creating innovative and proactive solutions.
If you’re wishing to apply for a role at Allianz, I would recommend reading through the job descriptions of the different schemes offered to find out where your interest sits, what skills you’d like to develop and what you would enjoy learning. Try and get involved in summer placements or work experience to gain a better insight into the business and reach out to some of the current graduates to find out more about the role and how you can successfully pass the application process.