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Claire Liu

Claire Liu - Graduate
I have been with Allianz since September 2018. I am in Motor Trade Underwriting in Birmingham Commercial. I was existing business for 2 months and have been new business since then.
I come to my desk, check my emails then begin working on my ‘quotes’. These are risks that are new business to Allianz that brokers have sent in and require a premium for. Because of the nature of new business, my days are pretty unpredictable and always different. Unlike existing business, I do not work 6 weeks ahead but instead have to take each day as it comes. My job is fast paced, involves a lot of broker communication and is enjoyable because I am entrusted with a lot of responsibility. Every day will also include some time dedicated to outside activities such as graduate committee and charity responsibilities.
Meet as many people as you can, but more importantly remember their names. People progress incredibly fast in the business. In just my year here I have seen many underwriters progress to senior level and then to management roles so treat everyone with respect.
Like a lot of people, I fell into insurance! I did Maths & Linguistics at university and a few days’ work experience at Beazley in London in their box at Lloyds before my final year, but like a lot of people found myself then applying to many graduate schemes during my final year of university. Having spoken to people in the industry, people spoke very highly of Allianz the company and in particular the graduate scheme.  Having come from such a multicultural background and as a lover of languages I knew I wanted to work for an international company that also had a strong UK presence.  I also favoured Allianz above others given the support they provide for development with both the underwriting academy and ACII funding – someone well known and respected in the market.
This differs from branch to branch. However, my experience is overall the company has a diverse, welcoming and inclusive culture. There is a huge emphasis on graduate development and this can be seen by the numerous graduates who have succeeded in their careers in such a short time. If you put yourself out there the company will do its best to accommodate and ensure your career develops.
There is a strong culture of learning & development. I thought only graduates/new starters had to do professional studies but all my colleagues are going on development courses, have personal development plans and are progressing through underwriting authorities. Nothing stays static for long and the company always pushes for you to move to the next step!
The graduate application process is similar to all others; a multi stage process that includes an online application, interview, assessment day etc. The hardest (and most enjoyable) part of the process for me was the assessment day/face to face interview. This is always a challenge especially for people like me who didn’t know much about the insurance industry at the time. But on the other hand these give potential graduates that chance to also assess the company and determine if Allianz is somewhere they would like to work. After my assessment day I was also invited to interview at the branch that I would be working in – this is a great final step and a great chance to see the branch that you would be joining.
Following the LV Migration, Allianz are now the largest motor trade insurer in the UK. It is enjoyable being around market leading underwriters who are the best in their field with the highest technical knowledge. With so much advancing in the likes of technology and data, it is interesting to see how the industry is changing to tackle new challenges and keep up with customers’ needs.
Nothing can prepare you for job-life. But the transferable skills I obtained at university definitely have been invaluable during my time here. For example, things as simple as time management, taking ownership of my own work and team work. Underwriters must have these vital skills to be good at what they do; it is a very collaborative and deadline driven job so if you want to be successful in this role you have to be able to take responsibility for your own work and own up to mistakes that happen.
Know what is going on the commercial insurance market, there is so much change at the moment and knowing what makes Allianz stand out for you/customers will set you up well for your interview. Don’t be worried if you are unsure what exact role you want in the business, many graduates find their calling once they start so don’t feel you have to love the first thing that you do.