Start your journey with us and see how Allianz invests in its people. For us, there's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to training and nuturing your journey. That's why our graduate schemes are different, as we work with you to personalise and ensure you develop a fulfilling career. 

While your work adds true value to our business, the same work leads your journey and career forward. We recognise that we're all individuals and so if you're passionate and driven, we'd love you to apply.

Allianz:LV=GI Graduate Scheme

Join Allianz:LV=GI graduate scheme and you’ll spend two and a half years learning, growing and developing invaluable leadership skills.
You'll have the chance to work with talented people across the business, whether in Allianz or LV=GI. These mentors will educate and inspire while you undertake projects to challenge yourself.
On top of this, you'll be able to tailor the scheme to your individual interests and skills. Begin your career today.

Insurance claims

Claims is a large and vital part of our organisation. Our dedicated and friendly Claims team delivers on our promise by helping our customers when they need it most. We have an annual claims spend of over half a billion pounds, so you’ll be making an incredibly important impact from day one.
Join our Claims scheme to learn more about the different teams and specialisms. Start your journey with us today. 


Which risks are worth taking for the business? At what price and under what conditions? These are decisions underwriters need to make after carrying out careful assessments of individual companies and negotiating terms and prices with brokers.
We want to give you all the skills and technical know-how you need to become a successful underwriter and technical specialist of the future.

Engineering insurance

As a specialist engineering insurer we have a large and varied customer base, so you could be assessing risks for construction projects, or machinery equipment or even looking at emerging risks such as cyber or renewable energy.

Looking for a challenge and the responsibility of engineering and inspection underwriting? Then this graduate scheme is for you.

Information Technology (IT)

In a world full of digital disruptors, technology is vital to the continued success of Allianz.
Our IT department works with the business to design and deliver innovative technology solutions, ensuring that Allianz remains at the forefront of the insurance sector.  
Working across various areas of IT, you'll deal with business challenges and exciting projects. Start your IT career now. 


Our actuaries are at the heart of what we do. They influence every decision we make – from how much to charge for a single policy to how much to pay for a potential acquisition. 
Their technical expertise, unique perspective and commercial awareness are relied upon by other teams and are critical to our overall success.

Join our Actuarial graduate scheme and start your career today.



In a company with a strong financial performance like ours, it’s safe to say that our Finance team has their work cut out for them. 
Joining our graduate scheme, you'll be challenged with the day-to-day accounting and the bigger picture.

If you're ready to build a career at the heart of a world-leading insurance company, this graduate scheme could be for you.

What we give you

Here at Allianz, we're keen to show you our graduate schemes are different. We want to help you develop your career because to us, our graduates are the future leaders of Allianz.

Application process and tips

We're sure you have questions about the process and thought you might want some tips for your application too.

Life at Allianz

We're a global company, but from the very first day you join our team, you will know that your contributions are valued. We offer world class learning and career development opportunities, while we celebrate an inclusive culture.
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