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Actuarial Student Scheme
Chris Rimmer
Chris Rimmer – Actuarial Student Scheme

I’ve been in the Personal Actuarial team for two years now and have focused on several different lines of business over that time. I was initially supporting the direct business and started learning about the three main roles of the actuarial function within Allianz, namely reserving, planning and pricing.

Being part of the actuarial department has given me fantastic opportunities to work with different teams throughout the business, for example being an integral part of trading meetings and working with the business on the planning process to project how the company will grow over the next few years. As well as being involved in a wide array of work, I’ve also had the opportunity to rotate around different teams, which has really improved my technical knowledge and understanding of general insurance.

In terms of personal growth, Allianz has helped me to develop my leadership, decision making and organisational skills. I’ve had responsibility to lead projects, develop our work processes and present at meetings, as well as having the support and knowledge of senior actuaries in the department to learn from and who challenge my decisions and review my work. Trying to balance working as an Actuarial student with studying for the Actuarial exams has been tricky, but Allianz is very supportive - applying content from the exams to my work plus the opportunity to eventually qualify as an Actuary make the studying worthwhile!

To be successful in Allianz you need to be enthusiastic, embracing of the supportive and collaborative culture, excited about insurance and engaged in the work you’re doing.

Chris Rimmer – Actuarial Student Scheme