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Our primary purpose in joining WES was to engage with an organisation with which we could discuss our specific needs (being a niche employer, with specific requirements). In doing so, we acknowledged their expertise and understanding in facilitating contact with a wide pool of female engineering talent.
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We have a number of activities in place to support our commitment to gender equality, from unconscious bias e-learning through to ensuring diversity is reflected in our recruitment process.

We have an employee network specifically looking at achieving a gender balance at Allianz and others looking to support working parents and carers.

Nyssa Willis

Even though it is a very male dominated field I have been welcomed in to the surveying family as any other employee. When I arrived for my interview everyone I met was so friendly and talking about how long they have been with the company which for some was over 20 years. I was left thinking this is the company I want to work for.

On my first day I was treated like any other surveyor which was brilliant, and I was not the only one to start that day. Having other new starters there helped settle any nerves I had but also it was good to speak to them through our training and help each other through it all."

"When the field training started I was with a new trainer each week and they were excellent, I never felt I was treated differently by my trainers, they treated me like any other employee going through training.  Following completion of my probation I have now been working as an Engineer Surveyor for over a year now and I am still in contact with my trainers who are always on the end of the phone when I need advice regarding work. 

I am happy with how my career has developed thus far with Allianz, I passed probation with ease and I believe I deliver to a competent/high standard. In terms of development opportunities I am firstly looking to build my confidence and expertise as a surveyor. Building from that I would like to progress towards a Team Leader role and support with training new trainees as they join Allianz.

The culture at Allianz is one I enjoy working within as it is similar from my previous job being in the Military, excellence, discipline and integrity are key attributes that Allianz asks for and that has built a successful and professional culture. My working environment is governed mainly by myself as I move from site to site as I have direct control over my working day. Every day is different, by location and equipment which I thoroughly enjoy.  The company provides vehicles which make transport easier and a working area, which we aim to stick to, in saying that the culture has also forged a team ethos whereby we support other areas as and when needed. The balance on the whole is good for my home life as being in control of my working day which can be flexible when required and as long as my hours have been completed they are happy. All the company or any employer ask for is a hard honest day’s work.”