What does our Recruitment Process look like in
Data - hints and tips

Your CV is the key to a good application. Having a well-structured resume will help you emphasize your professional experience and successes. Even the smallest things like the font size (i.e not too big or too small) will help make the CV legible to show off your skills and experience.

As the Data function, we are naturally interested in your technical skills, and would encourage you to highlight these at the top of the CV, specifically outlining what tools and software you have used, ensuring that they are relevant for the job. Thereafter, through our interview process we are looking for you to demonstrate our high performance behaviours (trust, customer excellence, collaborative leadership, and entrepreneurship). We are most interested in how you would / will apply your technical skills to support our business and customers!

Do invest the time to learn about Allianz as a company at a high level and its business areas, as well as our corporate culture, strategy and values. It would be beneficial for you to know about the latest developments in your field of expertise, the industry and market, so you can talk about any trends and opportunities you could come in to explore

This sounds silly, but so familiarise yourself with the position you are applying for by learning about the main tasks and responsibilities involved. We will more than likely ask you about what is it about the role that is of interest and that will give us insight as to whether you understand the role and want to be part of our journey. Be prepared to show us why you want to work for us, why we should hire you, and what experiences and skills make you the best fit for the position.

We strongly believe that interviews are 2 ways process – it’s an opportunity for the you as the candidate to find out about our business and the role, as much as it is about us finding out about you, so do come prepared. Our interviews are generally a mix of informal and competency based against our company values and people behaviours, so we will ask specific questions and are looking for specific answer to where you have used that skill, tool or behaviour.

Depending on the role, we may want you to do a test or presentation on a topic. This is not to trick you out at all – it’s an opportunity to get some extra insight into perhaps how you work or if you have the essential skills needed to be a success in the role. If there is a test or presentation, we will give you plenty of notice to complete the task and feedback to you in the interview.

Not only will you have your questions at the end of the interview, but you should do more than the basic research. You could look into our business performance, any news or successes, partnerships, what Allianz SE is doing or what insurance products we offer in the UK.

Even if you’re not a 100% match for the role, this shows that you are interested in us as a business and will put you at an advantage.

Finally, remember that as a Recruitment Business Partner, I’m here to offer guidance so if you do have questions relating to the interview process, benefits etc when you are actively in a process with us, please reach out to james.mcmanus@allianz.co.uk for more information.
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