My experience as a 'Woman in Tech' by Ana Pascoa

ana pascoa

In my career, there have only been a few minor incidents where I have felt discriminated as a woman. Maybe even more important, I felt I had the confidence and support to challenge any discrimination. I am also glad we are talking about women in technology both in terms of equality and as a necessity for our customer business. Whatever decisions we make, even in very technical domains, are biased by our experiences. A diverse workforce helps to ensure these biases do not pass on to the customer.

I am a Mathematician and, after academia, I started my career in banking and asset management. I worked in very technical teams made of mathematicians, computer scientists and other technical roles. It was challenging, fast paced and complex work but highly rewarding. Becoming a working mother changed my outlook, it was sometimes challenging and influenced some of my career decisions. How I wish I had access to the Allianz hybrid model then! I took some time off when my children were born and then transferred my analytical and problem solving skills into flexible consulting work in profit and non-profit organisations. This varied experience actually helps me look at problems more holistically and with alternative approaches.

If I could pass on any tips to other women is to trust your instincts, be confident and invest in yourself. Have the confidence to stand for what you want and ask for help both inside and outside Allianz. Invest in yourself professionally through continuous training and development and personally schedule time for yourself. I sometimes feel guilty that I would like to do more at home or that would like to spend more hours working. Giving myself a break, looking after my mental health and spending some time on myself is actually the answer. It gives me the ability to be more present when I am at home and more focused when I am working.

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