Your Benefits

Working for Allianz Benefits

In return for all that you do for us, we offer a competitive salary and a range of flexible benefits for you to tailor to suit your life choices.


We believe you should be well rewarded for the passion and enthusiasm you put into your work. So we provide competitive remuneration (regularly reviewed to make sure your package reflects your talents) plus a generous pension plan, a bonus scheme and some surprising benefits you can tailor to your needs. It’s simple. You pick benefits which suit you best, so you end up with a package that’s perfect for you.

Your Salary

To help us attract the right calibre of employee, we offer a competitive salary, benchmarked against our industry peers. We review everyone’s salary annually, usually on 1 May (both budget and performance related).

Pension Scheme

It might seem a long way off, but one day you’ll need it!
The Company provides a non-contributory Group Personal Pension Plan with Friends Life to all staff. The Company pays 5% on the employee’s behalf on joining, increasing to 8% after 3 years’ service and then to 10% after 5 years. If you choose to make contributions yourself , then subject to certain limits, we will match those contributions. And, as the fund is based on salary sacrifice, it reduces your national insurance liability.

Bonus Scheme

The idea of the bonus scheme is that all eligible employees receive a bonus based on company and personal performance. You’ll be assessed on both the targets you have achieved and how you have achieved them, which means that if you perform exceptionally well overall, you could receive even larger rewards.


Everyone needs time to relax, so we offer a competitive holiday allowance that increases with length of service. Bank holidays are in addition to your basic holiday, and managers have a different entitlement. You can also ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ up to five days’ holiday every year, if you need a little extra time, or would rather have the money. Our holiday year runs from January to December, so the holiday allowance for your first year of employment depends on when you join us.

Allianz Share Purchase

The Share Incentive Plan (SIP) gives you the opportunity to buy Allianz shares under preferential terms. You can contribute as little as £10 or as much as £150 per month over a 12-month period, but no more than 10% of your basic salary. For every four shares you buy, Allianz will give you one matching share for free. Your contributions enjoy tax and NI relief, and you can invest up to £1,800 every year.

Flexible Working

The traditional model of a 9-to-5 day job is changing. While our working patterns are driven by the needs of our external and internal customers, we try our best to accommodate your work/life balance, circumstances and life choices outside work as well. We already have many examples of employees using several flexible working models, including varying start and finish times, the number of hours or days worked, or the work location. All arrangements need to be agreed between you and your line manager and must support both your individual interests and our business objectives.

Flexible Benefits


Looking after your teeth is important, but it can be very costly. Denplan dental insurance provides four levels of cover to ensure you and your family are covered for essential treatment, both NHS and private.

Bupa Cash Plan

This benefit is a low-cost way to help offset the cost of healthcare bills and offers cashback on healthcare such as dental, optical, physiotherapy, chiropody and prescription charges. There are eight levels of cover to choose from.

Buy or Sell Life Cover Buy or Sell Life Cover.

As everybody’s circumstances are different, you can now select the level of cover that best suits you. The maximum cover is four x your basic salary, the minimum is 2 x your basic salary. This provides your loved ones with extra financial support should the worst happen to you.

Critical Illness

This cover provides you (and your partner if selected) with financial security should a serious illness be diagnosed for the first time. You would receive a tax free lump sum to spend however you wished. By selecting this through flexible benefits, you can also save on National Insurance.

Spreeflex Retail Card

Spreeflex is a pre-paid Mastercard giving you discounts of up to 15% in high street stores including Sainsburys, Asda, Debenhams, Homebase and Argos. Simply choose an amount between £20 and £750 to be credited to your Spreeflex card each month and enjoy savings on your shopping.

Personal Accident

Selecting Personal Accident insurance through flexible benefits provides a one-off lump sum of up to £250,000 tax free, depending on the type of injury you suffer and the level of cover you choose. You and your family can be covered worldwide, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Childcare Vouchers

You can elect to take part of your salary in the form of Childcare Vouchers to pay for your childcare. Up to £243 of vouchers per month can be selected, which adds up to significant tax and NI savings over the year.


Support your favourite charity and save tax on your contributions. Simply select the amount you wish to donate each month and then decide which charity to donate to.