Dare to… develop your career

A career gap shouldn’t be a barrier to realising your professional goals and aspirations.

We know you have all the skills you had before your break and you’ve gained some new ones too. Be proud of your career break, put it at the front of your CV, focus on your transferable skills and tell us what you can do. 

Meet our Returners

Susan Ferry
Project Manager

When looking to return to work, I was keen to restart a career I had previously loved and put to good use both my professional experience and the personal skills developed as a parent. The programme offered by Allianz has given me the opportunity to do just this, recognising that time out of the workplace should not mean the end to a professional career.

Victoria Wieremiej
Senior Project Manager

The programme is a very forward thinking way of re-introducing experienced career-breakers to the workplace. Significant talent is lost as a result of parents leaving work to bring up children and this programme recognises the value of those skills. The programme invested considerable time and effort in the recruitment and on boarding process and really helped me to feel valued and accepted.

Could our Career Returner programme be right for you?

We are passionate about welcoming back experienced and talented professionals who are:

  • looking to return to work after a career break of at least 2 years and enter a permanent role;
  • keen to refresh technical skills; and
  • enthusiastic about professional development and networking with other returners and the wider business.

Career Returner Insight Events

Watch this space for the chance to register for future events where you will have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of our business and opportunities. During these events, you'll be able to participate in a Q&A session with our current Returners, network with leaders from our business, and receive a skill building networking session delivered by our partner organisation Women Returners.

In the meantime...

We would love to stay in touch. Want to join our Allianz Career Returners Network? Send an email with the title 'Returners Network' to:

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