I can’t imagine being anywhere else. I advise customers on potential, existing and closed pet insurance claims. When I started, I had some insurance experience from working as a Legal Advisor for an accident management company and I was also in the restaurant business. Allianz was totally different to anywhere I’d worked before.

You need empathy and sympathy working in this role. You need to be able to put yourself in other people’s shoes and you need to understand the reasons they may be feeling annoyed or frustrated. I love talking to customers – in fact, I love talking, anyone here will tell you that! So, for me, this role is perfect.

There’s such a buzz in the office, it’s a great atmosphere and everyone is so helpful it makes it easy to do your job. My team gets on really well – I think every team here does, actually. That means you can ask for help to resolve queries and in fact call anyone in claims or underwriting, and they’ll answer straight away and help you understand queries or claims from your customers.

Allianz make me feel valued and respected as an employee. When I first started I thought as it's such a large company any efforts would go unrecognised. I've since realised it's a great company to work for and each member of staff is valued and are rewarded for their hard work. And they push me to achieve – I’ve been on underwriting, mentoring, customer retention and objection handling courses. There’s no such thing as sitting still here, they’ll help you reach for the sky.