I’ve been working at Allianz for a couple of years. I take in-bound calls – hopefully – convert them to annual policies.

Before I worked at Allianz, I worked in a restaurant and also at a make-up counter. I know all about good customer service as both of these roles require you to be able to talk to people. I really enjoyed that side of my previous employment, but was looking for an office-based role. Working in customer service is perfect! I still get that working-with-the-customer-buzz, but I also experience real office camaraderie.

The working environment here is really relaxed and also really social. All my colleagues are motivated to achieve their targets. It’s a really good vibe, busy and fast-paced. My team leader personally organises little treats – so you might get a bar of your favourite chocolate or a bottle of wine, which is really nice – not so great for the diet though!

I really enjoy working at Allianz because of the people – both my colleagues and the customers. I’ve got quite a few loyal customers now who ask for me specifically when they call, which is a lovely feeling – it must mean I’m doing something right!