In my role at Allianz I take incoming calls. This is my first job since graduating in 2012. While I was job hunting, I found Allianz and I really liked their website, it was very well presented and I liked the fact it was very diverse – and it turned out to really accurately present the company.

Allianz is a great company to work for – there really is a diverse bunch of people here and they all have their own goals and ambitions, which makes for a really nice atmosphere to work in. The wingspan of people and offices is so wide here – and there’s definitely an air of selflessness. There’s no doubt that Allianz is committed to its customers and employees, and that it goes above and beyond many other companies.

The company is devoted to your development 100 percent. There’s a training scheme to get you up to scratch and after that there are lots of courses that you can take and you’re really pushed to develop your skills – not because you need them, but because Allianz want you to be the best you can be. I feel that everything they do is to benefit both the customer and the employees.

There are lots of opportunities to move around the company. I’m going to be taking a BMW home insurance course soon and I’m also taking some training for a more senior role. I’ll then step up to that for a few weeks to experience what it’s like to be a leader here. And after that, who knows!