I used to work as a Computer Engineer for a business that was having financial problems and I wanted to move on and work for a company that had a good, solid reputation and somewhere I could really achieve something.

I first heard about Allianz in the newspaper – and since then I’ve seen them everywhere, even on my bus to work! It’s been so interesting to see the diverse market share they operate in, from car and pet insurance to insuring top film makers.

Once I applied for the job as a Customer Representative, I had a telephone interview, which was quick and to the point. It was basically to find out more about Allianz and what they do and to see if I was competent and compatible with the sort of work they do.

I then moved to the assessment stage. There were six of us altogether and we spoke as a group about our previous experience and what we’ve done in the past to get us to where we are today. Our potential manager and coaches came in to talk us through a typical day and we listened to some calls, too. This was really useful as we got to see exactly what we’d be doing and what we’d be talking to customers about.

Next, I had a one-on-one interview. It was more of a two-way conversation and we spoke about how I contribute to the business and if I felt I could do the job. I was called the next day and was asked how it went, to which I said I thought it had gone well, they said good, we think so too – and that was that, I had the job!

I joined the Allianz Academy a month later. It’s a great place to start – it’s like a protected environment with lots of support on hand, and you’re given a mentor who you can ask as many questions as you like.

Recently, I’ve been coaching new starters myself, which is really interesting. After about six months, Allianz encourage you to mentor – you have that new person empathy and can really see it from their point of view. I’ve also taken part in some coaching training so that I can help more with this. I’m really enjoying mentoring other people, it’s really rewarding.