I’ve been with Allianz for nine years now. I really enjoy working for Allianz because they’ve been incredibly supportive. I’ve had three children and am currently working part time hours – 16 hours a week – and they’ve really helped me fit work around my family life. I’ve noticed over the years that it’s become more and more supportive.

My team leader, Emma, has been particularly helpful. There’s been no pressure – it’s been about me and when I’m ready to do things, rather than the job – and I think that’s what’s helped my get back into work so easily and quickly. I’ve only been back two months but I’m really happy and enjoying what I do.

I also like the fact that there are lots of training opportunities. So, I’m looking at updating my computer skills at the moment, to make sure I’m up to speed with developments that have happened while I’ve been away. There are also lots of job opportunities – I’ve just seen a position for part time team leader for instance.

I love the fact there are just as many opportunities for part timers – both in terms of learning and positions – it makes you feel really valued and worthwhile, which is really important as a part time employee. I don’t think you get that in other companies.