Motor Insurance Database (MID)

To comply with the 4th EU Motor Directive the UK Government established the Motor Insurance Database to record insurance details of all vehicles and they appointed the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) to run and monitor.

The Motor Vehicles (Compulsory Insurance) (Information Centre and and Compensatory) Regulations 2003 place a legal requirement on fleet and motor trade policyholders to supply accurate and timely vehicle updates to the MID or face fines of up to £5000.

Allianz Motor Products

When it comes to providing cover to meet the exacting needs of the motor fleet and motor trade market, you want a name you can trust, which signifies quality and reliability. This is why Allianz motor products are consistently recognised as high quality and among the most comprehensive in the market.

Motor Fleet - white cars

Motor Fleet

The Allianz UK motor fleet account has a high profile within the Allianz Group and is well respected for its quality of product and service.

Motor Fleet

Small Motor Fleet

Motor Trade - car sales forecourt

Motor Trade

Allianz is widely recognised as a leader within the motor trade market. Our products are designed to help improve business process efficiency, reduce operating costs and mitigate the risk.

Motor Trade Select

Complete Motor Trade

Motor Trade Headlight - car headlight


Headlight offers RMIF members a solution for a range of activities for garages and car dealers.


Complete Headlight

Motor Partners

Allianz enjoy partner relationships with leading industry service providers. These relationships have been built on the back of our expertise in integrating these services into the products and solutions we deliver to our clients.

Specially discounted rates, exclusive to Allianz clients are available through your broker or direct from our business partners.

Allianz Motor Services

Our policies come with a range of money-saving additional benefits which compliment our cover and add value to your businesses. This means that we can concentrate on saving you money whilst you concentrate on making money.

Online Motor Claims Notification Form

The Online Notification form is for the reporting of new motor claims for Commercial Motor Fleet, Small Fleet, Self Drive Hire and Motor Trade customers only. Your policy number will have one of the following prefixes: BV, CX, IJ, IQ or SM. Your policy will have two letters followed by eight numbers, the prefix is the first two letters.
If your policy prefix is anything other than that stated above then you will not be able to use the online notification.

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